Innovation Days, Mexico, 2015

focus-407244_640Innovaton Days!

I just returned from three INTENSE days of innovation at Softtek, across Monterrey, Mexico City, and Aguascalientes. I live for this feeling of inspiration and the desire to push all limits within Softtek.  This high.  This crazy high. 

The people of Softtek drive Innoventures, they are the fuel to what some often refer to as the Innoventures FIRE. As we lay down our areas of focus for next year – horizontal and vertical solutions, along with solutions that can be migrated to the cloud – the question of creativity and ingenuity came up over and over again.

The truth is, across most measurable parameters, Softtekians are intensely creative.  The sets of mobile applications developed in the past year, the quick-patches to emerging challenges, or tackling real market problems – everything is always innovative and with purpose.  Innovation and intrapreneurship are clearly attributes that are a part of Softtek’s DNA. Then, why limit creativity?

Areas of Focus

At the end of the day, we are housed within Softtek. We have found that the best chance of producing revenue generating, market focused products and solutions come when we are aligned with Softtek’s vision. 

Also, by exploiting Softtek’s existing capabilities and systems – operational benefits, existing markets, market and sales channels – we are, in fact, furthering our chances of early market success.

Entering the second year of Innoventures, we know that nailing early success is critical.  The areas of focus are not meant to paralyze anyone – there is enough room, scope, and space to innovate for the cloud, for each of our verticals, or introduce marketing-facing solutions that can be integrated across the organization. There is still ample room to showcase talent and ideas that will change the world – make Softtek a better place.

What’s Next!!

We’re at a fun junction – just about to announce our first portfolio of initiatives, coming out of the class of 2014. Alongside, we start working with the hopefuls of 2015.  In the year ahead, we have ideas that offer real solutions for offering IT-As-A-Service, take on challenges in the financial sector, or transfer existing services and systems to the cloud.  We have all that. While we refine the current portfolio and prepare for what’s to come, we are at the fun junction to looking forward to Big Things!



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What is Softtek Innoventures?

Softtek Innoventures is an initiative aimed at driving innovation and entrepreneurship within Softtek. We are committed to making a valuable impact on Mexico’s expanding entrepreneurial culture and startup ecosystem.

Softtek Innoventures was set up as a multi-national program, working across borders in the US and in Mexico City.

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