Innoventures’ Best Ideas From 2015

In about three weeks, the top-18 ideas from Innoventures, 2015, will present to Softtek’s top management.  While it will be interesting to see what Softtek’s leadership views as the ideas that might dramatically change Softtek’s future, it’s pure joy now to reflect on these ideas and the individuals behind them. 

The 18 individuals this year come from Mexico City, Monterrey, Aguascalientes, and Ensenada.  The ideas range from introducing virtual reality based training to improving existing knowledge management systems.  The ideas aim to improve day-to-day enterprise operations, bring artificial and virtual reality to the workplace, move IT services to the cloud, and introduce a host of applications to solve business challenges. All in all, it seems that the eighteen ideas could have significant impact in how Softtek moves forward.

It’s just nice – almost joyous – to be able to take a step back and look at the top-18.  Regardless of which of these initiatives move forward, these venture represent Softtek’s talent and its overarching ability and commitment to tackle global challenges.


The Top-18 

  1. Victor Hugo Acosta’s Innovapreneur hopes to provide enterprises with a solution to increasing motivation and engagement.  The tool actively measures the pulse of an organization by checking-in, inspiring, and engaging with employees and management. 
  2. Manuel Caldera Fong from ICHEFF struggles with the notion that there are over 7 billion people on earth and over a ton of food is lost or wasted by the 180,000 fast food restaurants across the globe.  Manuel hopes to deliver a food management system to restaurants to better manage waste, expenses, and distribution.
  3. Carlos David Martinez Calva is launching Virtual Adaptable Training Solution (VATS) to design training platforms for organizations.  He is specifically focused on enterprises that train employees for manufacturing jobs. His idea hopes to eliminate large costs, inefficiencies, and lack of uniformity in training.
  4. Gustavo Lara Molina from Voice Decision Power realized that while there are thousands of enterprise applications, there isn’t one just targeted for the C-suite of an organization.  With that in mind, Gustavo will launch a voice enabled app that enables the C-suite to find information, make decisions, control operations, or even cancel a flight easily and effectively.
  5. Jorge Francisco Gama’s Clean Data will employ a web-based, cloud platform that can clean, standardize, ‘homogenize’, or even purify and manage data. The data can be viewed and structured in an enterprise-friendly format allowing companies to manage supply chains and operations.
  6. Jose Pablo Castro Valverde’s Universal Guitar understands that every musician is attached to a specific sound or tune.  Universal Guitar is a cloud service where musicians can store and replicate configurations and music. This empowers musicians to easily share, archive, and even trade music. 
  7. Dulce Maricela Garcia’s Medical Record System (MRS) hopes to be the dominant player in launching MRS systems in government hospitals in Mexico.  With Softtek’s presence in Mexico’s IT infrastructure, MRS hopes to make a real impact in modernizing government hospitals and systems.
  8. Hilario González launched MonarcaDM with the hope to make data migration easy. MonarcaDM is system agnostic, working on the cloud, mobile, and even social media, and allows users to significantly speed up projects and operations by automating data migration processes.
  9. Gabriela Lopez Reyes’s Short Services recognizes in the new IT landscape, the need for short but high-value services is rising and is close to a billion dollars. Short Services will introduce this new line of business for Softtek, but will also provide mobile development and other quick-to-deliver solutions.
  10. Arturo Moreno from Augmented Reality Immersion recognizes that enterprises are in a race to employ the use of AR to improve existing systems and processes.  Augmented Reality Immersion will provide a platform to develop AR solutions and will also offer new and innovative solutions of value to specific industries and enterprises.
  11. Laura Ornelas Luna from Audits and Findings Tracker (AuFiT) has been working with audits for several years at Softtek. Audits are expensive, complex, and require companies to invest significant time, structure, and discipline. AuFit is a simple, interactive tool to help businesses manage audits better, faster, and with fewer errors.
  12. Miguel Arturo Palomares’s Novelizer aims to incorporate digital drawing, painting and music for content creation using computing technologies.  The initiative will invest in the notion that thought leadership has been transferred to those within an organization who are responsible for managing, distributing, and generating content. This solution will be sold directly to businesses, publishers, freelance writers, and content creators.
  13. Julieta Aidé Valverde’s SAM expects to exploit the rapid growth and adoption of Cloud Computing by creating a human cloud as an outsourcing and offshoring alternative.  The Human Cloud transforms established business processes, redraws organizational boundaries and profoundly changes global labor markets.  At the onset, the initiative will offer project management and task segmentation, real time work and social governance.
  14. Cesar Romero from IT KMS is very familiar with knowledge management systems and his solution replaces current systems that simply collect, store, index, organize and search documents.  IT KMS works with a structure of documents based on an organization’s business process model and the premise is that “everything is connected to everything else” so any piece of information must be connected to a existing components through graphic relationships.
  15. Arturo Ruiz Jaramillo from Stocktaking App will introduce a solution that will empower organizations to manage their technological infrastructure, stockpile of products, solutions, software, and systems. The cloud-based app provides the one-stop-shop for both general and specific technology asset related information.
  16. Julio Santos’s OBApp simplifies the onboarding process. OBApp is a platform that helps companies connect all the processes around onboarding and offboarding in a systematic, strategic manner.  The tool handles setups of new hires, manages accesses, verifies and consolidates approvals and regulatory measures, and reduces errors and costs.
  17. Israel Zamora from Synk brings another solution for knowledge management systems.  The solution is able to identify critical, essential knowledge from both wasted knowledge and accessed knowledge databases and source. The solution encourages collaboration, integration, and finds synergies in knowledge across an organization.
  18.  Irma Treviño’s Feedback On The Go is aimed at enterprises receiving real, unfiltered feedback from customers.  Feedback on the go, through a annual subscription fee, will empower enterprises to request feedback anytime, anywhere they see an opportunity.

And, there we have it! Our top-18.  On October, 22, these 18 will present to Softtek’s top-management, and by the end of the month, Innoventures will working with 9 ideas that will move forward in the program. 

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What is Softtek Innoventures?

Softtek Innoventures is an initiative aimed at driving innovation and entrepreneurship within Softtek. We are committed to making a valuable impact on Mexico’s expanding entrepreneurial culture and startup ecosystem.

Softtek Innoventures was set up as a multi-national program, working across borders in the US and in Mexico City.

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